Tara Kiley-Rothwell

Tara Kiley-Rothwell passed away June 29,2021 after spreading light, color and positivity amongst her family, friends and and kindred spirits in her world of weaving and fiber arts. Her obituary can be found here.

Plans are being made to celebrate Tara’s life and to carry on her love of helping others discover their creativity and inner selves through SAORI weaving. Information will be posted here soon. In the meantime feel free to explore the about pages and gallery on this website for a view of Tara’s story.


Welcome to kite tales SAORI arts studio

Spend some time in the studio restoring and recognizing your creativity! Come and join our growing community of joyful weavers. The inspired creations are amazing. Bring a friend and double the fun. Bring a couple more and some wine and quadruple the fun!

kite tales is  a registered SAORI weaving studio, located in Central Pennsylvania.

Begin a weaving journey and see what unfolds. Refresh , unlock or expand your creative energy.

Saori weaving is a wonderful experience for anyone. Age doesn’t matter. Artistic ability not necessary , nor is any previous weaving experience. The only thing that matters is a willingness to have some fun, try something new – and learn something about yourself .

See individual pages for  the calendar, class descriptions and additional studio information.