Posting is such sweet sorrow

Every week I resolve to write a post.  Well that hasn’t happened. I have a lot to say(no surprise there), it is  just  being said  in the studio instead of a blog. 2014 was an amazing year.  I learned so much, bought my second loom, met so many incredible people, did my first art shows, had my first commissioned work and won a couple awards. Thanks to all the kind people who have bought my scarves and offered encouragement and compliments.

2015 is going to be even better.   I am going down paths I never would have imagined and am just enjoying the journey. My brain is full of ideas. My  budding artist brain and orderly ocd brain are constantly battling it out. One look at my studio and  I can see that the budding artist brain is winning some of the rounds.

Stick around, 2015 is gonna be fun.

Corporate Install

wall hanging